CSGO Team Update


After we brought onboard our UK CSGO team three months ago, we had high hopes for both them and the progression of CSGO within the competitive scene in the UK. After strong performances online the team looked to be settling down together and had high hopes for then coming start of the Summer season. Kicking things off at epic18, the teams performances was underwhelming but not catastrophic, and as said from the beginning we intended on support the team as much as we possibly could both in times of success and times requiring change.

The first change was promptly announced by Jonny ‘RIXJ’ Jones via Twitter, that he would be stepping down from competitive CSGO. With his first child due at the end of Summer, it was a something we were already anticipating however the second change was something we were not prepared for and inevitably had to act promptly with.

The second change saw the release of Charlie ‘K1NDEADLY’ Weber. The decision was made shortly after the event by both VATIC and team captain James ‘PEZ’ Perrott. We chose at the time not to publicly explain this decision but we shall shed light on the matter now. Charlie represented himself, VATIC and our partnerships during his time in the team, most importantly he is representing us in person and is an ambassador of our brand. Unfortunately despite the reasonable requests made by his team mates and VATIC at epicLAN, Charlie was unable to conduct himself in a professional, adult manner. Subsequently the removal of this player was the only reasonable choice he left us with. We wish him the best of luck in the future.

After several weeks of inactivity since the second change the team has struggled with activity prohibiting them from consistently playing with their hopeful future team mates. This inactivity was partly due to personal commitments and summer breaks, but also down to work commitments outside of gaming that we fully respect. It is with this inactivity that we regrettably let our CSGO team go, wishing them all bright futures both in gaming and otherwise. It has been a pleasure working with the core team and we hope an opportunity to work with them again arises int he future.

VATIC are now actively looking for a team who can represent and forward the advancement of our organisation in the future. We will not be rushing this decision and will be waiting to see how the forthcoming Multiplay event Insomnia58 plays out.

For any teams who would like to get in touch both before and after the event, may do so at vaticeu at gmail dot com.

We will offer a modest Esports package to the team chosen to represent VATIC.

  • VATIC Jerseys
  • Voice Coms/Server
  • VATIC Apparel (Tshirts etc)
  • DRKN Apparel
  • Xtrfy care package (Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad etc)
  • LAN Expenses inc. Accommodation and Tournament Entry.

Once again, we wish the very best to the players; Pommey, h0rsey and PEZ with their futures both in gaming and otherwise. We would also like to thank them for their efforts and admirable representation of our organisation.

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