epic.NINETEEN – Going toe-to-toe…


Despite being in the early stages of the event, the VATIC boys have already put in a strong start against some of the stronger teams in the hat.

The Seeds

After careful deliberation, the top three seeds were decided as:

uFrag (1), Bulldog eSports (2), VATIC (3)

As a result of this, the three teams have skipped the group stage entirely, and are guaranteed a top 8 finish at the event.

The Early Going

uFrag, Bulldog and VATIC have been placed in a “Top 3 Playoffs” group to decide their place in the knockout bracket. Two matches have already been played, both involving our team, with the best-of-two contests ending as follows:

VATIC 11 Bulldog eSports

VATIC 20 uFrag

With uFrag and Bulldog eSports still to battle it out, nothing less than a 2-0 win for Bulldog eSports will prevent VATIC from advancing with the best possible position into the knockout stages. An offline event is a marathon rather than a sprint, and any opportunity you can take to secure an easier route, or reduce the amount of matches that you have to play is highly favored.

Get Involved

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