Overwatch Wanted


It’s with great excitement that we announce we are now on the hunt for a UK Overwatch team. With the recent success of the game and the growth of VATIC Gaming, we are now prepared to bring an Overwatch team into our ranks. We are looking for the best possible team we can get within the UK and would require a minimum of 3 UK players to continue our heritage as a British Esports organisation, and be eligible to participate in the ESL UK Premiership.

We’re looking for teams who have already gained traction on the competitive scene and have displayed strength in their recent performances. Teams with players who enjoy streaming is a bonus, and especially those who plan future success should get in touch.

We will offer a modest Esports package to the team chosen to represent VATIC.

  • VATIC Jerseys
  • Voice Communication Services
  • VATIC Apparel (Tshirts etc)
  • DRKN Apparel
  • Xtrfy care package (Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad etc)
  • LAN Tickets & Funding to be discussed

Should you wish to apply, we require a written statement explaining why you believe you will be a good fit for our organisation, who you are, previous personal gaming experience and successes. Finally what you hope to achieve as individuals and as a team.

Email your applications to vaticeu at gmail dot com.

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