VATIC Return to Competitive CSGO


After careful deliberation, it is with great pleasure that we announce the new lineup to represent VATIC in the Counter-Strike series. The team contains two players from the Enemies in Disbelief side, who earned a respectable 4th place finish at Insomnia58, the most recent Multiplay event.

The lineup stands as follows:

  • James “fisher” Fisher
  • Logan “logzi” King
  • Josh “JDD” Denham
  • Dudley “Dudley” Morris
  • Aiden “s0x” MacLean

Our goal was to select a UK-based team packed with talented players who have plenty of room to develop as a unit, and we were spoilt for choice from the approaches we received. After some careful consideration, the decision for who would represent us next was unanimous between myself and Matt, and we hope that the players, the support that we are able to provide them, and the VATIC organisation as a whole will follow an upward trend over the coming months.Esports Manager, Mark “Crossy” Cross

The team is excited to be playing together and equally as excited to be given the opportunity to represent VATIC. The organisation has always supported teams from the UK and we’re thankful to be a part of its future.Team Captain, Josh “JDD” Denham

The team will be in action online in ESEA Main and the ESL Open League to name just a few, and will be present at the forthcoming epic.LAN next month.

VATIC Summary & Progress

As we close in on the end of the summer season, there has been much going on behind the scenes with further commercial partnerships being brokered. We have been building an online store that will be made available this Winter, shipping exclusively within the UK and stocking Xtrfy, DRKN and VATIC merchandises. We intend to open the store and test the water before deciding whether or not to make the update a permanent one.

Our intent as an organisation is to further ourselves and our brand within the UK. We are focussed on promoting the growth of Esports here in the UK so that we can provide a platform for players they and ourselves may grow with. We’re working on bringing more opportunities into the UK scene and hope to announce more positive news in the near future.

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