VATIC Store Imminent


We’ve been working hard on the possibility of opening a VATIC store over the last several months and we can finally confirm that we shall be opening later this month. We plan to start small with limited stock from both our primary partners Xtrfy and DRKN, with shipping restricted to the UK only. As we launch the store we’ll test the waters for a couple of months in order to establish whether or not it’s a viable opportunity for us.  The main purpose of the store is to both offer an alternative shopping method for gamers and to improve cashflow through the organisation; so that we may reinvest into our teams and support the wider community. We intend to release a promotion for the first few customers to take advantage of in order to celebrate the store launch.

If the store proves to be successful during our initial phase then we hope to stock more brands and products that we feel may be in demand, and ultimately ship outside the UK while maintaining competitive prices. We would like to thank this amazing community for their support.

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