Xtrfy Announce New Products


It’s been a while since our partner Xtrfy launched a new products however that’s because they’ve been listening to the feedback they’ve received from the community. It is with this feedback in-mind, they have been working hard on not just a new product, but a range of products.

The peripheral company has developed a line of new accessories to compliment their already boasting range of keyboards and mousemats. The line includes;

  • XG-A1 (Alternative keys for their keyboards)
  • XG-B1 (An innovative mouse bungee with USB ports)
  • XG-C1 (A mouse cord holder)

As you know; VATIC “Powered by Xtrfy” and that means we use their gear and promote their brand along side our own. With that still in mind, as i write this i am particularly fond of the B1 mouse bungee. I genuinely love the fact i can give┬ámy mouse cord enough slack without having to wedge the cord under my monitor. The reason i highlight this product is that i never complain about having additional USB slots available. Lastly, compared to other bungees out there, this bungee looks different, feels new and works exactly how it’s intended to work.

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